Layer over layer: the paintings of Kent Michael Smith

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kent michael smith, ltvs, lancia trendvision                     kent michael smith, ltvs, lancia trendvision

In the beginning there was a cloud of gas. Then came the lightning and it was condensed into a primodrial soup. A spark that gave origin to the first forms of life on planet Earth.

At least that's the scientific version. Artist Kent Michael Smith has his own view of the universe, which he explains without the need for formulas or theories, but with just imagination and paint.

In his canvases its as if something were growing, or perhaps it has already hatched but we haven't realized yet. From this whirling organic pond of matter, similar to a brilliant sediment of mud, series of stratified monochrome crsytals stand out: painting mineralizes and sublimates itself through graphics.

Observing his paintings is like watching the slow and relentless evolution of each work as if through the glass of a fish tank. Each gesture is deeply visible, each brush stroke a trace suspended in a sea of liquid resin.

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24 October 2013


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